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Have you ever wondered what exactly separates the top 1% performers in any field from the rest of the pack? Or Why some people successfully achieve their personal goals— to lose weight, write and read more—while others fail to make progress every year?

At first glance it’s easy to attribute this missing link to natural talent, connections and resources. But, if you look closer you’ll notice that the missing link is simply your daily actions—it’s your habits.

In a nutshell, if you can master your habits, you can change your life for the better.

Success is a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.
—Jim Rohn

The primary goal of this class is to share the most practical, useful and scientifically proven strategies that will help make it easier and quicker for you to master your habits and finally make consistent progress in your life.

This is a zero fluff, simple, effective, step-by-step class for anyone serious about achieving success in their health, work, and life.

Here’s a quick snippet of what you’ll learn in this habits workshop…

  • How to stop procrastinating and finally follow through on what you set out to do today.
  • How to build good habits that actually last over the long-term.
  • How to conquer the self-doubt, fears and lack of self-confidence holding you back from making progress.
  • And more!

Who teaches this workshop?

Hi, I’m Mayo Oshin. I’m the lead creator of this course.

I spend much of my time every week, researching and writing about the best practical ideas and insights from science on human behavior change and how we can build habits that actually last. 

I don’t just write about these ideas, I also practice what I preach in my own life. Over the past couple of years, I’ve personally experimented with successfully building better habits.

  • Fitness and Strength training. I went from being unfit and out of shape with yo-yo cycles of inconsistency in my workouts—sometimes months apart—to sticking to a strength training programme every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for more than 5 years till date. 
  • Healthy eating and weight loss. I went from regularly binge eating junk food and drinking sugar loaded soft drinks for dinner to eating a largely clean high-protein diet and practicing intermittent fasting for more than 5 years till date. (Note: I’m far from perfect with my eating, I have the occasional slip-up here and there just like everyone else).
  • Writing. I went from procrastinating on writing everyday, afraid of sharing my work publicly to writing and publishing my first book (approx. 50,000 words). Since then, every Monday and Thursday, I’ve consistently published a new in-depth article on this website.
  • Reading. I went from reading a book whenever I felt inspired (which was once every couple of months) to reading at least one chapter a day from a book for more than 4 years till date.

Other small habits I’ve developed as well include cutting off TV usage, eliminating bread from my diet, getting at least 7 hours of sleep daily, networking weekly and so on.

This is not to brag, but to reassure you that the strategies in this workshop could also produce real results in your life. Plus, this class will include relevant down-to-earth examples from my personal life that you can easily apply as well. 

What Topics Will Be Covered?

There are 3 key problems that I will address during the workshop.

1. How do I get started?

In other words, how do I stop procrastinating and get things done? Instead of wasting precious time procrastinating, you’ll learn effective science-based strategies to help you finally get started—even if you don’t have the motivation to take action. 

We’ll also cover the fundamentals of the science of how habits work in your brain and how you can use this knowledge to create new habits. By the end of the workshop, this understanding will help you create your own customised solutions to stay consistent with your goals.

You’ll learn how to get started, not just once, but over and over again—until you achieve your goals.

2. How do I stay consistent with my goals?

The workshop will not only address this question, but also provide science-based strategies to help prevent your habits from failing again due to inconsistency.  We’ll address the question: “why do some habits stick and others fail?”

You’ll learn the science of motivation and willpower, plus strategies to design your environment so that you make good decisions effortlessly.

3. How do I find time to fit in my new habit?

You’re a busy person. Your daily schedule is filled to the brim. But, there’s a way around this to fit in your new habits.

You’ll learn how to make small changes without getting overwhelmed or sacrificing your busy schedule. Plus, you’ll learn how to prioritize your habits and daily tasks.

These are a few snippets of what you’ll learn during the class.

Bonus Material

After the main workshop material is covered, I’ll introduce 3 additional ideas that will help you stick to your goals. These ideas will help you stop procrastinating, improve your productivity and boost your willpower.

Here are some additional lessons you’ll learn inside the habits workshop…

12 More Lessons You’ll Learn In This Class

  • How to get started on a new habit even if you easily get bored and frustrated.
  • How to stay consistent and stick to your habits even when there’s chaos in your life.
  • How to make time for your new habits even if you have a busy schedule.
  • What to do when you have multiple habits you want to build at the same time.
  • The science of how habits work and how to change them.
  • How to overcome perfectionism and stop obsessing over your goals.
  • How to leverage tiny habits for massive consistent progress.
  • How to overcome lack of motivation and willpower to take action.
  • How to avoid common mistakes most people make that hinders starting new habits.
  • How to make big changes in your life without overwhelming yourself.
  • How to bounce back from adversity and get back on track after you slip-up and fall off course from your goals.

Finally, you’ll learn how to easily, quickly and practically apply all of these ideas into your everyday life for a better life.


Details: A full recording of the 2017 Habits Workshop is available to download and watch right now. All you need is an internet connection.

Length: The workshop is split into 4 parts including a bonus section. Each part lasts for approximately 35 minutes (Total: 2 hr 52 mins)

Resources: The purchase includes audio and pdf downloads. Plus, additional resources (exercises, books, habits of successful people and more)

How do I watch this? Immediately after your purchase, you’ll be sent a private link to watch and download the workshop as you wish. Within the next 5 minutes, you could have access to all of the material.

Additional Bonuses

In addition to the bonus section within the workshop class, you’ll also get access to bonus material on the habits of successful people.

You’ll uncover the routines and rituals of successful writers, entrepreneurs, athletes, leaders—and learn what keeps them as the top 1% performers in their field.

You’ll also learn the habits they use for world-class creativity, innovation, mental toughness, decision-making and productivity.

These insights are included within in-depth articles with practical ideas you can quickly use in your own life.

Here’s a snippet of the top performers you’ll learn from…

  • The writing habits of Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, Maya Angelou and more.
  • Uncover the secret to Elon Musks’ genius level innovation and business strategy. 
  • Learn the habits of Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius and how you can use these to deal with criticism and become a better leader. 
  • And more…

What makes this workshop different?

  • Practical. You’ll quickly learn how to apply the information for real change in your life.
  • Zero Fluff, Straight to the point. I understand that you’re busy and your time is precious to you. To help you save time researching, i’ve condensed the best information extracted from the loud noise and fluff out there.
  • Simplified. All information including scientific evidences are distilled into their essential basics to help you learn and understand easily without getting overwhelmed.
  • Inspirational. The real life down-to-earth stories and examples from the class will inspire you to take action afterwards.
  • Scientifically Proven. The content in this class is backed by proven research, science and psychology designed to make it easier for you to change your habits.

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Bonus Material. Following the main presentation, you’ll get 3 additional practical ideas to help you prioritize your time better, boost your willpower and improve your focus.

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Free slide presentation download. You’ll get access to download all slides, images and exercises in the presentation. This is available in .pdf file format.

Bonus resources. You’ll get access to hand selected useful articles that give insight into the habits of highly successful people including the writing routines of famous writers, innovation strategies of Billionaire Entrepreneurs and more. You’ll also get a carefully selected reading list of the best books to read for better creativity, productivity and habits.   

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