I’m excited to release the 1st edition of my free 50-page guide on how to build good habits, break bad ones and stick to your goals over the long-term—it’s called Change Your Habits.

This guide is a blend of some of the best practical ideas from my research into the science of habits and human behaviour, plus hard-earned wisdom from my personal experiences—to help you improve your health and performance in your work.

Here’s a quick taste of what’s inside…

12 Things You’ll Learn In This Guide

1. How to stick to your goals over the long-term.
2. How to overcome laziness and lack of motivation.
3. How to stop procrastinating and get things done.
4. How to break a bad habit and replace it with a good one.
5. The science of how habits work in your brain.
6. How long it actually takes to form a new habit.
7. How to change your self-identity and believe in yourself in the face of self-doubt.
8. How to make good decisions without thinking too much.
9. How to use small changes to make it easier to achieve your goals.
10. How to get back on track after falling off your goals.
11.How to find time for your new habits (even if your schedule is chaotic and busy).
12. A step-by-step process to effectively apply these in your life today.

These are some highlights of what you’ll uncover inside this free guide.

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